Eat More Bikes webcomic header

I found a webcomic! A webcomic that’s good for fans of Toothpaste Dinner, Pictures for Sad Children, Perry Bible Fellowship, Feel AfraidGunshow, or Three Word Phrase. Maybe you already read it!

It’s Nathan Bulmer’s Eat More Bikes, and it’s on Blogspot but there’s a Tumblr version. The art is similar to the comics above — rough, fun and loose. Like the others, the punchline is often more an “oh you!” than a pure “ha!” But Eat More Bikes is a bit more joke-based than the often just-melancholy tone of Pictures for Sad Children or Three Word Phrase.

All of these are just from the last two weeks you guys.

(Each comic links to the original post.)

I’m so blown away by that last visual pun that it would be condescending to articulate my appreciation. Go read all of Eat More Bikes on Blogspot or on Tumblr.

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