David Seger introduces New in November

David Seger is doing some Borges-level self-referential absurdity. Seger is a comedian/video-guy, an alumnus of Channel 101 and Community, and he’s doing his second annual “New in November”, where he makes a video every weekday for a month. Last year’s NiN included the famous M83 background vocal audition.

This year he says he’ll play it calmer. He said so in the first video of the month. The second video was a friend re-enacting that video (and clips from last year’s vids). The third video is David’s audio commentary on that remake. And the fourth is a song made out of that commentary. Jesus. I’m really hoping he keeps up this pattern all month.

Day 1: David introduces New in November.

Day 2: His friend Casey Donahue re-enacts it.

Day 3: David points out in-camera special effects in his commentary.

Day 4: David’s girlfriend Emma Koenig sings all the words from the commentary.

Here are the videos from 2011 that were briefly excerpted, then re-enacted, above:

Follow David’s YouTube channel to see what he does to this video next (or which completely different direction he goes).

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