Finn the Human on Adventure Time

Finn the Human, Adventure Time co-hero with Jake the Dog, has an intense “Bill and Ted”-style exclamatory vocabulary. It’s not “LOL random” — it follows certain rules of portmanteau, euphemisms, and droll self-awareness of self-actualization. Our video editor Bryan Menegus collected all his best shouts in this original Slacktory supercut.

Until a few weeks ago I thought SpongeBog SquarePants was this vapid kids-only show with no “alt” value, and completely missed its subversive and legitimately hilarious aspects. I could see someone making the same mistake here, if they weren’t aware of Adventure Time‘s long-term satire of children’s shows and development into a mystical art piece. But anyway, let’s watch Finn shout some stuff.

— Nick Douglas, ed.

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  • Jeff

    Finn the human Could tend to die at the hand of Zircon.(when he tends to marry Princess Bubblegum ,and growing up and rebuild ooo into beach
    (parody of the Superman-Doomsday movie).

  • Jeff

    Should Finn could retired and be a grown up and marry to princess Bubblegum, thus tends to rebuild the land of Ooo into Beach City?

  • Jeff

    Didn’t mean to fanictize with that theories about that….
    Just anxious about what’s going on and found what’s going to become of Finn and Princess Bubblegum when they’re getting hitched as grown up, but responsible parent.

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