Nicole Westbrook from 'It's Thanksgiving' hates you

Did you already listen to Nicole Westbrook’s terrible song “It’s Thanksgiving”? It’s at 3.8 million views right now, still rising fast, I’m guessing maybe 20-50 million once we’ve all played it at our Christmas parties.

“It’s Thanksgiving” sounds a lot like Rebecca Black’s “Friday” — both were written and produced by Patrice Wilson — or “Hot Problems”. And so far it seems to be playing out just like those songs. Fame, backlash, obvious jokes about how terrible it is. And dislikes.

Let me tell you. If you “dislike” this video on YouTube, you are boring and bad. Just like specifically hating Nickelback is for sheeple with no actually interesting tastes, disliking an obviously silly amateur video by some dude and a child is for people who have only seen the blandest of YouTube, who completely miss out on gold like a libertarian’s anti-public-park poem and Sherlock Holmes making out with the Little Mermaid and must split the differences between the mediocre shit they like and the mediocre shit they hate.

If you “disliked” that video, you are Nickelback. You are Uggs. You are Jim Belushi. And your parody of it will suck.

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