You all remember the Cha Cha Slide right? You know, the song/dance that tells you to “slide to the left; slide to the right.” Reverse! Reverse! Anyway, I bet most of you don’t know that Juggalos have their own version of this song. Well they do.

In 2009, the Insane Clown Posse released an album called Bang! Pow! Boom! that included a track called Chop Chop Slide, parodying the popular cha cha dance track with lyrics about murder, swearing, being the shit and getting loose. Just like the original song, all you have to do to do the dance is listen to the song and follow along.

There are a few fan versions of the Chop Chop Slide on YouTube, but this one is my favorite by a long shot.

There is something I find captivating about this video and to be honest I’m not exactly sure what it is. I have some guesses but I never feel like I’ve gotten to the bottom of why I find this video so watchable. It’s just two juggalos dancing in what appears to be a dorm room to a silly song but I really have trouble tearing my attention away.

I think I’m drawn to the mix of hardcore posturing with the call to get loose and get silly. These guys are hamming it up but are also geting obvious joy out of feeling badass, swearing and embracing counterculture. It is fairly standard juvenile behavior to be sure, but what strikes me more is how genuinely relaxed it seems. At one point I would have said it seems lonely too, but I no longer think that’s the case.

The Insane Clown Posse’s followers are united by a sense of family — so much so that “family” is their motto. Juggalos are outcasts coming together to embrace their outcast status. This manifests in broad ways at events like The Gathering – an event the media loves to gawk at — but in this video it reveals itself in a more intimate setting. The big events invite speculation as to the cultural ramifications of the juggalo’s synthesis of self-described redneck culture, hip hop, nu metal, horror imagery, marijuana culture, danger and silliness. In a way, this video puts all that speculation to bed for me. I see two kids who are really comfortable with each other, probably uncomfortable with people outside their social group and are bringing those two things into a synthesis more important than the high concept one mentioned above — family plus alienation given a vehicle for self-confidence. It’s awesome.

Also, this song and this video are pretty silly.

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