Forget Garfield Minus Garfield, this is Garfield plus barf. And that’s just the beginning. Barfield, a comic by legend of Internet oddities The Reverend Brendan Powell Smith is a trip into the darker side of Garfield you never knew you needed.

Barfield sets up the premise in its first strip.

You see, Garfield barfs. Simple. However, if that’s where the joke ended we certainly wouldn’t be talking about it here. Barfield goes strange and wonderful places during its run of 66 comics both doubling down on its one note theme and allowing the theme to decompose in a manner reminiscent of Slacktory’s favorite web series, the Jerry Seinfeld Program.

First, the series offers variations on the theme.

Barfield 004

Barfield 009

Then, the joke adds a counter theme and then another and the fugue of humor really gets underway.

Barfield 010

Barfield 013

Barfield 025

Moving into the 030′s, Smith begins playing with the form in ways that signal bordom with the original premise mixed with a stubborn insistence on its satirical merit.

Barfield 031

John also starts to establish himself as a stronger character. The 031-032b run I consider among the comic’s strongest.

Barfield 032

Barfield 032a

Barfield 032b

As we move from the 030′s in the later stage of the comic, a homoerotic theme emerges.

Barfield 040

This turns dark.

Barfield 046a

Then things get really dark and we get our first multi-installment storyline.

Barfield 049a

Barfield 050

Barfield 051

And then…

Barfield 053

Barfield dies. And there are still ten more strips. I encourage you to finish them in order – it’s the least we can do to honor Barfield’s memory and to support the best Garfield parody of all time.

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