William Tepley - Take the R train

Watch this homophobic one-man music video that says Barack Obama is gay and promotes Mitt Romney with an extended train metaphor! It’s available in high-res 1080p because quality.

This is the 273rd video by William Tapley, “also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse, and the Co-Prophet of the End Times.” I sincerely hope this man has children and grandchildren that are, like, normal people, and that they’re fully aware of Dad’s hobby. And that Dad believes his arthritis is a punishment from God.

My colleague Henry says, “The scary part is when the train almost hits him. I was like ‘Oh god that train might get bigot blood on it! Oh whew. It’s just some hateful piece of shit with a green screen.’”

If you liked this song, but you’d like it crazier and with no music and far longer, watch Tepley’s new eleven-minute video about how Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is a prophet of the antichrist. Because six six six. Checkmate athetits.

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