the sights

Travel blogs are designed to make you feel bad about yourself. Check it out, pretty people in pretty places eating pretty things! Live through their pictures; revel in their travel acumen; pretend their DSLR is the projection of your potential, your eyes on the road, so far from your desk and that burrito you just ordered for breakfast on GrubHub.

Worse, when you actually do have occasion to travel, you find yourself trying to live up to the standard set by these bloggers. If you didn’t do eight of the twelve greatest attractions at your destination, you aren’t shit — not a single piece. Your lobster didn’t come in a martini glass garnished with unicorn hair? Go home, failure. You suck at traveling.

Thankfully, so does this guy! Introducing my favorite new Tumblr, Sights of the World. Here is a travel blogger more my speed. Here he is in China:

Here he is in Armenia:

Here he is in one of Brighton Beach’s hottest nightclubs:

I really feel like I’m there!

He should travel to Soviet Russia next because there, travel blogger pretends he is you. Which is what he is doing. Because of the phone. Are Soviet Russia jokes still a thing?

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