Lemons. How crazy confusing must lemons be if you have no idea what to expect? There’s an entire sub-genre of YouTube videos devoted to babies reacting to lemons, and as adorably hilarious as that is, eventually those babies will grow up into adults who figure out the proper use for a lemon (wedged on the rim of their vodka tonics, naturally). Puppies on the other hand, will never be able to find a use for lemons. Thus we bring you the most epic battle of all battles: Puppy Vs. Lemon.

Bernes Mountain Puppy vs. Lemon

This is currently the most popular Puppy vs. Lemon video on the web. It does have a kicking music track as opposed to just an owner narrating the events of the video, and it does have the juxtaposition factor of a “mountain puppy” being flummoxed by a mere lemon (you’d think a dog related to the mountains would be more courageous in the face of fruit). However, this puppy is only reacting to the unyielding nature of a half of a lemon — he can’t get his mouth around it, and it only rolls so far before it gets stuck slice-down. The real joy of Puppy vs. Lemon is their taste-bud reaction…

Puppy Winston tries a lemon for the first time

Which brings us to Puppy Winston, a Beagle who mostly reacts to his sense of smel to deal with the pesky lemon. He keeps noseing it, circling it and eventually trying to slyly sneak attack from behind to get the best of the lemon. Of course, this doesn’t work and he only manages to over-excite himself so much in circles that he falls over.

Lemon Beagle vs. Lemon

Another beagle makes moves on defeating his own lemon and eventually gets a good mouthful — and then immediately spits it out. Finally the true danger of the lemon is revealed, and while puppy Maymo continues to pursue the dastardly lemon, he does it with the caution of one approaching a deadly scorpion. After a second mouthful of lemon, Maymo hops into his bed and just gives the lemon a side-eye (and a few “WTF” side-eyes at his owner too.)

Toy Klee Kai puppy Kooper tasting lemon for the first time

Kooper has the most chill reaction to lemon. He licks it a few times, looks up at his owner for confirmation, then licks again. Apparently toy klee kai puppies have sophisticated palettes. But then, the lemon taste kicks in and Kopper starts backwards hopping and freaking out. Delayed Puppy vs. Lemon reaction might be the best of all.

Boxer Puppy vs. Lemon

Even when offered an easy lick by his owner, this boxer puppy knows better than to mess with a lemon. He just starts barking and won’t stop. This is, of course, the only true way to defeat a lemon.

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