MySpace guru

It’s really embarrassing to see social media experts running around with the wrong fake-cool job titles, all calling themselves “Facebook ninjas” and “Twitter rockstars”. Let’s clarify what title you need based on what site you have bullshit expertise in.

  • Facebook oracle
  • MySpace swami
  • Pinterest barbarian
  • Twitter queen regent
  • Instagram unicorn

  • Google+ wedding photographer
  • GoodReads X-wing pilot
  • Bebo elephant
  • Tumblr philosopher-king
  • OkCupid blood elf
  • Flickr sphinx
  • Reddit warlord
  • aSmallWorld spice merchant
  • Yelp warrior-poet
  • deviantART black mage
  • LinkedIn crossbowman
  • Diaspora* assassin
  • Foursquare golem
  • Gaia Online pirate
  • yeti
  • Meetup cyborg
  • Renren manticore

Photo by/CC Vinoth Chandar on Flickr
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  • Thos003

    Not sure where Google+ Wedding Photographer comes in, but still a very creative piece.

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