Krispy Kreme Halloween

Krispy Kreme has a Halloween song out! And it’s good, mostly ironic-good but also slightly actually-good?

We’ve explained how the endearingly terrible rapper Krispy Kreme is definitely a character portrayed by the actually-good rapper Tyler Cassidy. That’s so obvious now that it’s ceased to be anywhere near the most interesting thing about the Krispy act.

And we’ve seen Krispy’s songs bounce back and forth from just kind of funnily bad to very obviously intentionally shitty in an SNL/Tim and Eric kind of way. I think this one manages to be the latter, while edging the Krispy character toward revealing Cassidy’s actual talent.

What gets me about this one is the professional background loops and the pretty catchy chorus. I feel weird trying to evaluate a hip-hop song because I don’t really know what I’m talking about, but I know what I like and what I like is the rhythm of that “I-unn even wanna trick-or-treat no more.”

And of course the bit about the candy is Cassidy’s typical insanely sharp character-based comedy worthy of a sitcom.

Also, Krispy Kreme is now on Spotify, so we are living in the future.

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