How dare Krispy Kreme do funny things while Nick is on vacation!

Nick is Krispy’s #1 fan and I’m sure if he was writing this post it would be 1500 words lavishing praise on KK for his bold new step into the mainstream. Too bad I’m editing the site this week — KK gets no such free ride.

Krispy, you sellout! I … can’t do it. I want to hate this but I can’t. Tosh and Krispy are actually good together in the interview segment, really good together. Krispy stays in character perfectly; Tosh baits him perfectly; their height difference is perfect; damnit. Just watch.

The music video isn’t great, but it has its moments and the interview more than makes up for it. This is a nice step for young KK. And just when you worry this means he is on to bigger and lamer things, he drops a follow up video gem.

Krispy Kreme da gawd.

  • Melissa

    Talentless semi-retarded faggot

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