Oh god. Oh god they built another test.

Okay. It’s a step. I can do steps. But oh god look how fucking big it is, what if I fucking fall, I can’t take that again, I’ve fallen so many times and when I do they go into me and they change me oh god oh god WHEW I’M ON THE STEP. YES. FUCK. YES oh fuck fuck hold on okay walls, good, got walls.

Now just eeaaase on down and… OUCH okay I think I’m okay let’s just hold onto the walls for a bit, whew, okay, doin’ great.

Jesus, that thing has to be like three inches deep. Who put this hole here? Why would you put a hole right after a step?

Okay, just one foot over on this side, hold on and oh god oh god OKAY there’s the other foot! Don’t look down don’t look down ugh I’m gonna puke okay aaand step aaand we’re over! Ho. Ly. Shit. Okay. Bring me that fucking staircase, I’m ready.

Keep clapping, Mister Engineer. But the moment you cut those “safety” cords, know that I’m coming for you. And I’ll probably make it halfway over before the shag carpet fucks me up.

Video via: The Verge

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