Every episode of Bob’s Burgers starts with its own small version of the Simpsons couch gag: each time the opening theme plays, a different store opens up next to Bob’s. And in each episode are one to four pun-based “daily special” burgers. In honor of last night’s season premiere of Bob’s Burgers, here’s every one of them from the first two seasons.

Season One, Episode One



Season One, Episode Two




Season One, Episode Three




Season One, Episode Four






Season One, Episode Five






Season One, Episode Six




Season One, Episode Seven




Season One, Episode Eight




Season One, Episode Nine



Season One, Episode Ten




Season One, Episode Eleven



Season One, Episode Twelve






Season One, Episode Thirteen



Season Two, Episode One



Season Two, Episode Two



Season Two, Episode Three





Season Two, Episode Four





Season Two, Episode Five



Season Two, Episode Six



Season Two, Episode Seven





Season Two, Episode Eight




Season Two, Episode Nine




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  • Yadia

    I have watched every single episode of Bob’s Burgers ever since the pilot, and I noticed the burger specials, but I never noticed the changing businesses! I feel like I’ve just been let in on an awesome secret, although it probably just proves how little I pay attention to detail. I can’t wait to tell my friends I work with at DISH because I bet a few of them never noticed either. I’m excited that my Hopper’s Primetime Anytime feature is already setup to record primetime of FOX every night of the week, so I don’t have to remember to set a timer for each new episode of BB. Now that I know about the ever-changing neighboring business, I’m fired up to point it out each week that it changes!

  • merden

    what about the van?

  • Sheldon Keith Stish

    Here are all the opening store fronts including season 3 and the exterminator trucks

  • mpd

    There are also Hidden names items in the back of scenes The one attached is from S4 E10. Look at the store name in the back.

  • Guest


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