Cool Scrabble tiles

The following are all real playable Scrabble words that could mean anything, really, so why not just give them new definitions because Scrabble is just a game about memorizing stupid combinations of letters and it’s total bullshit:

Aal: Guy whose Twitter bio warns people that he might get “a little bit snarky”

Fiz: Discontinued import of Nazi-era German fruit cola. Doesn’t count as proper noun because it tastes too good to exclude

Noo: “No” as pronounced by the barista when you ask if they have any chocolate croissants even though are none in the display case because hey, maybe they’re making more or something, how would you know, there’s really no reason to be rude man

Nos: First-person plural conjugation of “Nas”

Mim: Singular of “Mims”

Oka: A software bug you can’t publicly complain about, for fear it only appears in the pirated version

Suq: Wat u do 2 mai dic, u gai faget

Pyx: Wat I hav uv u suqqing

Tui: A song you keep forgetting to delete from your jogging playlist when you get home

Hod: A horse spur that has been rusted away by the spittle of lesser men

Rax: The kind of wine you actually like, bottled under several different names and vintages but only certain vintages of certain names from certain wineries, because the entire wine industry is a complex joke on outsiders like you

Obe: Chill oboe

Wyn: The hairstyle everyone else has that your barber always fucks up

Kaf: One who has strong opinions on Heathcliff vs. Garfield

Feu: From the French, archaic male-gendered synonym for “snart”

Qua: Fuck you Scrabble player, Latin suddenly counts

Cwm: Welsh too, fuckwad

Photo by/CC David Goehring on Flickr

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