Book Graphics offers pre-made paperback covers for your self-publishing effort. We’ve turned some of these covers into books.

Harasha Dule

Never Look Back

Four-year-old nudist Nicholas Barbum had it all — the job, the house, the girl — but was still missing one thing, happiness. He’d spent most of his life on the move, running since he’d gotten his legs under him some three years earlier. Maybe it was time to slow down, or at least that’s what his therapist told him. One cloudy July morning, Nicholas told his therapist to go fuck herself and set off on a journey that would change his life.

Robert Charles


News travels quickly in New England. Wounds heal at a glacial pace. A community in rural Massachusetts learns to deal with loss in the aftermath of the passing of a pair of teenage lovers who steered their toboggan off a cliff after reading Ethan Frome.


Tad Dork

The Last Yard

Life is a race. Sometimes you are running toward something, sometimes you are running away. Yard after yard, you advance or retreat. You fight for every inch. Scott McScott was fighting for his life. Scott McScott was fighting for his people. In the year 2034, the world runs out of shirts and only one man, a Vaseline model from Wisconsin, knows what to do about it. Game on.


Samantha Harbringer


Her eyes had been brown the summer of ’02 but by winter they had turned a blue gray that gave her the appearance of a wolf. The change had been gradual, as had the change in her demeanor. Her mother named her Elizabeth and everybody had referred to her as such in July when she first arrived in Gray, Maine. By November, her given name had been all but forgotten, replaced with the nickname used always out of earshot, Northward Nancy. Three men had gone up the coast with her, none had retuned.


 Rachel Fay Rose

A Drink To Forget

He was fourteen but more man than she had ever met before — the urgent, hopeful glow of her high school sweetheart wrapped in the body of her middle school sweetheart. She was forty and worldweary, married to a man she no longer loved and perhaps had never loved. She was on vacation and offered him a drink. He met her eyes and she knew either she would have him or the ocean would. His choice … for now.

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