Researching a future post, I stumbled across BabyNamer: one of the many, many sites that lets future parents research baby names. Not only does it give you some origin information and similar choices, but bravely warns you what other kids might cruelly call your kid. In an aptly named section called “Drawbacks”.

As you can see, the drawbacks to being named Lindsey are as follows: Lint. There is a possibly that I will, at some point, be called “Lint.”

Other popular names?

Katie (thanks Katie!):

Madeleine (Thanks Madeleine!):

Andrew (Thanks Andrew!):

But as Jeff points out, it doesn’t always work:

As you can imagine, this is a great way to think up some new ways to harass your friends. What’s your list of BabyNamer nickshames? Share them in the comments…

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