FAP consulting

When we started Lift, we imagined a support boost that could be applied to any goal. You guys are proving we hit the mark—none of us imagined we’d be doing so much to prevent masturbation.

— CEO of general-interest personal-goal app Lift, in an email to the “nofap” masturbation-willpower subreddit

I suspect these popular Lift goals are also secret markers for fapping:

  • “Exercise”
  • “Floss”
  • “Meditate”
  • “Save money”
  • “Eat Fruit”
  • “Pray”
  • “Work on secret project”
  • “Crunches”
  • “Stop and enjoy life”
  • “Stretch in the morning”
  • “Practice Music Instrument”
  • “Talk to at least one stranger”
  • “Unclutter”
  • “Tell my wife I love her”
  • “Walk the dog”
  • “Low-carb lunch”

Lift CEO email via Doctor Popular and Scott Beale

  • DocPop

    There’s a fapp for that.

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