Barbie melting in Black Hole Sun video

There’s a group of poet-comedians on Twitter. We frequently point to them on Slacktory’s Follow Fridays. This crowd are sometimes funny, sometimes bizarre, sometimes just beautiful — it feels like they’re more after a pure emotional response, and the authenticity of that response matters more than whether it’s happy-flavored or sad-flavored.

The group also has a blog. A group blog. A glog. A gumblr. It’s called the Imaginary Image Blog, and it’s art.

Some sample posts:

Two toddlers running lines from ‘Waiting for Godot’, only taking breaks for crackers and juice.


a stripper in full camouflage attire, slowly appearing


two cops interrogating a survey in a dimly lit room, demanding to know where the free iPad is


The video for Black Hole Sun playing inside every can of RC Cola


a group of linguists painstakingly translating shakespeare’s sonnets into reaction gifs


A rainbow that just goes perfectly straight up from the horizon line into the sky


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