This looks like it would be about the best public transit apps for the iPhone after the iOS6 update, but it’s not. We have no Maps replacements for public transit directions. They’re probably in iTunes, maybe even highlighted in iOS 6 on iPhone 4Ses and iPhone 5s, but we don’t know them.

A top 10 list of iPhone apps from iTunes for public transit routing apps for iOS 6 sure would be helpful right now, wouldn’t it? Travel instructions for train and bus routes in New York City, Chicago, Boston, or Washington, D.C. would be great now that iOS 6 doesn’t use Google maps. We could have even found the best transit routing apps for all the big cities, but all those $1 apps would really add up, and we have no idea what the BART is. Plus, it’d take forever to review all those public transit apps for iOS 6. So, we don’t have any of that information. Sorry.

We think it’s bullshit that your Apple iPhone 5 can’t do transit directions on its own anymore, either.  Have you tried checking Apple’s iTunes App Store? The best iOS 6 Transit apps might live there. The best iOS 6 apps for train and bus directions. Those apps. For your iPhone 5.

Welp, this SEO joke’s run its course! Good luck actually finding a good replacement for Google’s Maps on your iPhone. Let us know if you find anything, because again, we really don’t know anything about the top transit apps for iOS 6. Guides maps instructions travel nyc subway bus train Kate Middleton’s boobs.

  • 20 Something Awesome

    Did the keyword stuffing work? I want graphs, print screens and piecharts.

  • Tom Elwood

    Google transit is now on iPhone via
    Bookmark it!

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