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Mitt Romney won’t stop texting me.









Mitt keeps texting me. See more on the Texts From Mitt Romney Tumblr.

  • Matthew MacDougall

    I was sad when this ended.

    • Nick

      Don’t worry, I’m sure Mitt will continue texting me through the duration of this meme’s traffic potential.

  • dave

    what I got form this, mainly, is that AT&T sucks.

  • CQ

    Nick, please stop sleeping and write these all day long.

  • Emily


  • La Jolla lady

    Thank you for this- needed a laugh. please don’t forget the La Jolla house car-elevators: push 1 for Mitt’s cars, 2 for Ann’s, 3 for dog cleaning supplies…

  • Stephen Su

    is anyone else reading this in Jason Sudeikis’ Mitt Romney voice?

  • 33Watcher33

    I laughed the whole way through!!!

  • Luther

    This is genius.

  • kateln

    More, please! These are hilarious.

  • Silent_Reader

    Funny! Let us have some more of this @Nick:disqus

  • Blake Christensen

    There’s also a “texts from mitt” facebook page with more stuff. Just google it

  • joshmasterjosh

    I think it’s funny that Pawlenty and the 47% comment is all that anyone has on Romney but BHO got 300 people killed with Fast and Furious and then used Executive Privilege to thwart investigations in what is also known as a “cover up.” Oh yeah the ridiculous bout of lies over libya too. Really funny stuff though. Laughed my ass off.

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