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  1. Nick and Siri iPhone maps
  2. squirrel girl

    The league of shitty superheroes

    • Software Update
    • Matt Transit
    • T-shirt
    • The Vegetable
    • Sitdown Man
    • Cap’n Capslock
    • Stub
    • Chick Tract
    • P’Zone
    • The Invalid
    • Cloud Coverage
    • Trade Show
    • Catman
    • Good Cop Good Cop
    • Scatterplot
    • The Fuck-giver (possible expulsion for not being shitty)
  3. then who was phone

    Top 10 stupidest creepy online stories

    One of the primary joys of the internet, bar porn and GIFs, is reading user-submitted “true” tales of paranormal encounters. These have littered forums and websites since long before 4chan’s creepypasta. And while some are genuinely frightening, the real gold is in the stupid paranormal story.

    The sort of story you find on a website with a rotating skull on the homepage. The sort of story that’s called ‘Baby Eating Werewolf’ and opens with the line “What I’m going to tell you has never been told by me to anybody, with the exception of my mother because I still I believe whatever I saw might come to hunt me.”

    So here’s a top ten of that kind of story.

    First up: ‘Demon Activity… or Something.’ »

  4. nathan-barnatt-obama-dance-video-title

    Nathan Barnatt’s new dance video is goofy as ever, features an Obama mask

    I hope you’re familiar with Nathan Barnatt. He enjoys dancing and classic video games. We’ve posted about him a few times on the Slacktory Tumblr; his dance videos are so fun and well-edited they make me want to learn two things: how to dance and how to edit video.

    His new video, released yesterday – National Voter Registration Day – seems passively pro-Obama (he’s wearing an Obama mask). But that’s not what matters. What matters is that Nathan Barnatt made another silly dancing video and that you get to watch it.

    Watch Nathanbama do his dance. »

  5. horse duck

    Nicholas Kristof tells Reddit his specific plan for fighting a horse-sized duck

    Nicholas Kristof, New York Times columnist, came to Reddit for an AMA interview to promote his new book/documentary “Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide.” User supahappyfuntime asked him:

    Hey Mr. Kristof, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do an AMA. Would you rather fight one horse sized duck, or 100 duck sized horses?

    Kristof answered:

    Definitely one horse-sized duck. Then I’d distract it with some cracked corn and, as it gobbled it up, I’d jump on its back and take it for a flight. I’m too poor to afford a private plane, so a personal horse-sized duck would be a nice alternative.

    Read the whole thread at /r/IAmA.

    Photo by/CC M@rtinn on Flickr

  6. Space Jam Call Me Maybe

    New Favorite Subreddit: /r/ComeOnAndSlam

    Early last week a co-worker sent me a video of PSY’s “Gangnam Style” mashed up with the Space Jam theme song. The two tracks work together eerily well, and the result is a song that leaves you struggling to figure out which parts belong to which track.

    Later, in an attempt to share the video with another colleague, I googled “Gangnam Style Space Jam Mashup” and discovered that this particular mix was only the tip of the Space Jam iceberg. I had stumbled into /r/comeonandslam, the subreddit “dedicated to any remixes or photoshops that are related to the Space Jam Theme Song by the Quad City DJ’s.” Needless to say, it is absurdly hilarious and engrossing. I spent HOURS listening to this stuff. By the end of the week I was signing emails with “work that body, work that body, make sure you don’t hurt nobody.” Shit’s downright infectious.

    It turns out, The Space Jam theme song is the Hydrogen of the music world — it can bond with just about anything. Exhibit A? Ghostslammers, a mix of the Space Jam theme and the Ghostbusters theme.

    Hear ‘Ghostslammers’ and more of /r/comeonandslam’s masterpieces. »

  7. bad advice header

    Good Life Advice From Terrible People

    Following our hit series Unspirationals (beautiful photos with depressing text), and inspired by this beautiful Hitler joke, we present commonly quoted life advice, matched with the bad, worse, and horrible people who embodied it.

    Meet your inspirational nightmare. »

  8. Walter White freaks out on Breaking Bad

    Breaking Bad: 45 Seconds of Walt Freaking Out

    Guess Bryan Cranston found out that he didn’t win the Emmy this year.

    Watch all of Walter White’s freakouts from ‘Breaking Bad’. »

  9. sign my guestbook

    Did You Sign the Guestbook on My Website Yet?

    The 90s Guy is a column by a guy from the 1990s.

    So hey —  did you sign the guestbook on my website yet?

    It’s just that I checked the hit counter and it says I have two more views since yesterday — and since one of them is me checking on the counter, I thought maybe the other one was you?

    And if it was you, why didn’t you sign my guestbook?

    Did you not see the animated gif that said “Sign my Guestbook?”

    Or would it not load on your dial-up connection? »

  10. GIFsound guy wants to fuck you in the ass

    GIFs With Sound

    There’s a site called GIFSound where you match up sound to GIFs duh. Then there’s a year-old subreddit dedicated to the best matches. Then there are these two videos collecting the very best ones from the subreddit (below).

    Actual goddamn LOLs.

    You know the new song “Thrift Shop”?  About how you can look way cooler in your grandma’s hand-me-downs than a $50 Gucci tee? This is the animated GIF version of that truth.

    Listen to some GIFs. »

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