Space Jam Call Me Maybe

Early last week a co-worker sent me a video of PSY’s “Gangnam Style” mashed up with the Space Jam theme song. The two tracks work together eerily well, and the result is a song that leaves you struggling to figure out which parts belong to which track.

Later, in an attempt to share the video with another colleague, I googled “Gangnam Style Space Jam Mashup” and discovered that this particular mix was only the tip of the Space Jam iceberg. I had stumbled into /r/comeonandslam, the subreddit “dedicated to any remixes or photoshops that are related to the Space Jam Theme Song by the Quad City DJ’s.” Needless to say, it is absurdly hilarious and engrossing. I spent HOURS listening to this stuff. By the end of the week I was signing emails with “work that body, work that body, make sure you don’t hurt nobody.” Shit’s downright infectious.

It turns out, The Space Jam theme song is the Hydrogen of the music world — it can bond with just about anything. Exhibit A? Ghostslammers, a mix of the Space Jam theme and the Ghostbusters theme.

Here is Space Jam meets “Moves Like Jagger“:

One of my personal favorites is Batslam, which features the 60s Batman theme:

The most solid mix I found was this one that incorporates Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”:

This one is titled I Said Slam, What’s Jamming On? and it has my favorite photoshop of the bunch, hands-down:

Naturally, memes play a big part in this subreddit, and so a Nyan Cat mix was bound to happen:

And of course there’s no escaping the “Call Me Maybe” version:

One of the more bizarre pairings involves Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll”:

I probably shouldn’t be too surprised that LMFAO works well here:

This Flock of Seagulls mix is a stretch, to be sure, but it’s so absurd there was no way I could leave it out:

And finally, because the bylaws of the internet decree that this must exist:

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