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In the 24 hours surrounding Tuesday September 18th, 73 tweets were logged under the discussion hashtag #TooFatToDie, with that number on the rise. Another hash, #BabySnatcher had logged 359 tweets, while the less popular infant related hashtag #BabyInDryer had only generated 58 tweets worth of online discussion. Sadly, out of all of these ridiculous hashtags, it appears people were least interested in in a dead pregnant woman, as #PregMomRunOver only carried 19 tweets.* While these microtrends aren’t large enough to merit a ton of notice, the fact that all of these hashtags are highly inorganic in their construction and sensational in subject matter makes it amazing that people are using them at all.

The driving force behind these tabloid topic discussions on Twitter is celebrity journalist Nancy Grace. While her journalistic approach on television has always been a subject of controversy in its own right, tackling low-brow and violent crime subjects while touting all exploitation of the subjects as advocating victims’ rights, her HLN show’s social media practices similarly blur the lines between broadcasting the reports, creating actual discussion, and outright troll behavior. The rigorous use of hashtags and pull quotes for every story, the way that social media editorial format is followed strictly with no variations, is an astounding feat in a world where most news organizations are still struggling to identify basic best practices in the social media landscape.

The end effect of the feed, when taken in its own context, paints a picture of Nancy Grace as a screaming schizophrenic lunatic who ends her tweets extremely shocking and violent hashtags. And if online entertainment isn’t about gawking at a lady insistently broadcasting thoughts under #DeadBabyInCar, then I don’t know what is. Below are some prime tweets from her account that read like the most entertaining kind of lunacy:

It’s surprisingly hard to distinguish the tweets of parody account NanceryGraceHLN:

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