Yankees fans

Today I happened upon a bunch of Android fans discussing this graphic:

Comments went like so (edited down for clarity):

Slacktory’s social editor Henry Birdseye and I discussed.

Henry: People can’t articulate what bugs them about the new iPhone update. “Not enough!”

Nick: Made me feel like “Oh, we’re all just on baseball teams.” I’m thrilled about camera improvements and speed. Sure it doesn’t have any huge new feature, and I still await NFWhatever, the shit for mobile payments…

Henry: Right. NFC I guess is something? But I’ve seen it… nowhere? There’s a bus ad in town that features NFC. ”Rub your phone near this non-smiling photo of Cee Lo and his other non-smiling friends for a free song!” And it’s like “NFC is for rubbing your phone on unfriendly people. Got it.”

But I’m sick of Android users’ inferiority complex. I think someone on Reddit used the phrase, “All these people are hate-jerking it to a phone no one’s forcing them to buy.”

Nick: Yes to all this! On the other hand, I found myself trying to make up some reason to my girlfriend that my iPhone was better than her Android. Because this is my sports.

Henry: Yeah, maybe it isn’t better any more. The Galaxy S III seems good. But if you’ve got one or the other, it’s too late to switch. Do you have any idea how much shit I’ve bought in the app store? Or stored in iCloud? Same goes for Android. Why the fuck would they move? They bought apps. They have USB micro chargers and accessories.

This was just “look what iPhone buyers are getting.” And the people who wouldn’t get it anyway are getting shitty because it isn’t some crazy departure. Why the fuck does it have to be? You made a phone, the phone iterates over time. Fine.

If the iPhone were a car you’d have people saying “I don’t know. 4 wheels and 5 seats again? I thought Apple was an innovative car company.”

With the exception of NFC, no one can articulate something the new iPhone is missing. Just this vague claim of “no innovation.”

I think the inability to “move” is worth pointing out. You’re not abandoning your house to move to a different team, you’re not abandoning your app purchases. There’s an investment, physical and emotional.

Doesn’t matter who’s Coke or Pepsi. We can all agree that windows phone is the RC Cola / [SHITTY BASEBALL TEAM NAME NOT FOUND] here.

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