Hot Cheetos and Takis

Oh god everyone else already knew about this and I didn’t. “Hot Cheetos & Takis” is a hip-hop song that’s been climbing up YouTube for three weeks. It’s kids singing about Hot Cheetos, which are a food, and Takis, which are another food. The group is called Y.N.RichKids and the goddamn Washington Post wrote them up.

But about this song! They have “snacks on snacks on snacks”! And an earthquake-bass video effect that I want to use in something! And one mush-mouthed kid at 2:45 who, I am told, has been compared to Mystikal.

I will now go around saying “Oh that? Yeah I liked it when it was called Titties and Carrot Cake.” Because that will make me feel comfortable and “hip” despite the clear evidence that my grip on pop culture is slipping.

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