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“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a high school attended by all of the Sonic the Hedgehog characters, and during class Shadow passes a note to Sonic that says ‘Hey i have something i need to tell you at recess.’ And at recess they hang out near a picnic table and Shadow puts his gloved hand on Sonic’s and looks into his.eyes and they share a deep, passionate kiss. Then the bell rings, and it’s back to class for Sonic and friends, but there is a new tension among them.. It is a very exciting time, for Sonic and Shadow. It’s awesome to imagine this” –

Skylark on Bloard

I don’t know where this messageboard came from, I can’t help you Know Your Meme here. I think it just exists for some people to try to out-funny each other, but actual funny, not “funnyjunk” funny.

I found it through the Twitter user leh0n, and I ended up on the “top posts” page, and it’s beautiful.

If you’re afraid to click into message boards that joke about going so corporate that 4chan could buy them, I’ll show you a couple more of the most-loved posts:

The user Tamarin replies to the post “here’s my favorite date: September 11, 2001″:

like all your dates, it was characterized by people screaming and throwing themselves out the window

Treebro writes the kind of obscure internet-character parody that makes me say “pitch-perfect” a lot:

Forst, sorry for my English. But , Hi from Greece ! Thanks for a site for us all

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Leh0n answers, “What’s your fave sexual posish?”:

reverse fleshlight

So if this is your Algonquin Round Table, head to bloard for clean fun times and brand-friendly hangouts.

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  • Virgil Texas

    you dont know sh*t about bloard. stop acting like you “get” us. you will NEVER be accepted in the bloard community. so stop trying.

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