Posts Published September 2012

  1. Mallelis Twitter avatar art

    Follow Friday: @Mallelis

    Mallory Ortberg (@mallelis) has contributed to Slacktory. She’s more often on the Hairpin, writing texts from literary characters. She’s a Twitter poet.

    Read more of Mallory’s best tweets. »

  2. Tina Belcher moans in makeup on Bob's Burgers

    Supercut: All of Tina Belcher’s moans from “Bob’s Burgers”

    Bob’s Burgers starts its third season on Sunday! To celebrate, here’s all of Tina’s extended moans so far.

    Listen to the sound of puberty. »

  3. Israeli meme mocks Netanyahu’s bomb diagram

    Israeli portal Walla reports: Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented an insultingly silly graph at the UN this week, not-really illustrating Iran’s imminent nuclear capability:

    And the internet did what internets do. »

  4. realm of chaos

    The best posts from Bloard, a very clever little forum

    “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a high school attended by all of the Sonic the Hedgehog characters, and during class Shadow passes a note to Sonic that says ‘Hey i have something i need to tell you at recess.’ And at recess they hang out near a picnic table and Shadow puts his gloved hand on Sonic’s and looks into his.eyes and they share a deep, passionate kiss. Then the bell rings, and it’s back to class for Sonic and friends, but there is a new tension among them.. It is a very exciting time, for Sonic and Shadow. It’s awesome to imagine this” –

    Skylark on Bloard

    I don’t know where this messageboard came from, I can’t help you Know Your Meme here. I think it just exists for some people to try to out-funny each other, but actual funny, not “funnyjunk” funny.

    I found it through the Twitter user leh0n, and I ended up on the “top posts” page, and it’s beautiful.

    See some of the top bloard posts. »

  5. sniffing receptionist hair

    “Interview” by Once a Week Film Fest

    Here’s a short film about a job interview that uses two schticks at once. The Once a Week Film Fest sent this to us on YouTube. Other comedy-video makers, you should send us your videos too.

    Watch ‘Interview’. »

  6. why are you closed guy

    A detailed breakdown of 2010′s “Why are you closed?” guy

    In 2010, an aging gentleman wanted to shop at Toronto’s Eaton Centre. It was closing (locking down during the G-20 protests). He pounded on the doors and demanded an explanation. Someone, amused, shot him on video. It was later removed, but copies have earned millions of views over the last two years.

    This video holds the key to life. This video is everything.

    Let’s walk through the highlights. »

  7. pineapple

    It hurts when you do that (A monologue)

    Ow. Seriously. Please stop that. I can’t imagine a situation in which that would feel good. Do you think that some girls would actually enjoy that? Is it a European thing or something? Maybe you picked it up during that semester you spent in Italy.

    But, um, when not in Rome, man. Honestly, that wasn’t desirable in the slightest. Can you hand me my pants? Wow, maybe some Neosporin, too.

    Did your watch get caught down there or something? It felt like you were putting a pineapple in one end and pulling it out the other. Should I have enjoyed that? Do you want me to… am I supposed to do that to you now? Is there a bib or something I can wear?

    Was that your toe? It felt like a toe was involved… »

  8. Waverly Films in Hollywood

    HOLLYWOOD DREAMS by Waverly Films

    Waverly Films doesn’t dominate YouTube the way it used to with The Hauntening, The Amazing Lyrebird, and Fuck Shit Stack, because they’re busy making movies and commercials.

    But they still occasionally make creative sketches that deserve to be hits. For example, this little sweet nothing that escalates in classic Waverly style.

    Watch ‘HOLLYWOOD’ »

  9. Dr Seuss hat guy

    Which Dr. Seuss hat should I wear to the party?

    The 90s Guy is a column about a guy from the 1990s.

    So I’ve got this party I’m going to this weekend and I want to show off that I’m like a really cool, laid back guy who likes to have a good time. So naturally I’m going to wear one of those like floppy stovetop Dr. Seuss hats — but I can’t figure out which one.

    I’ve got one that’s red and white, you know, just like totally Cat in the Hat style. I figure it shows off that I appreciate the classics — that I’m not trying to be anything more than who I am. I’ve got a playful side and I embrace my inner child.

    Help me pick out this hat, dude. »

  10. Awkward Sunrise sexy people

    Awkward Sunrise: A show about sexy awkward sex-people

    Awkward Sunrise is an utterly undiscovered web show about people having sex and talking. It’s shot crisply, and it ranges from “so relatable” to delightfully silly, without ever forcing a punchline. Each episode is a single two-minute scene.

    Watch a couple episodes. »

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