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You weren’t allowed to have a sitcom in the 90’s unless a wacky neighbor was involved. Family Matters had Steve Urkel, Home Improvement had Wilson and Full House had Kimmy Gibbler. However, unlike her contemporaries, Kimmy never used a shrink ray on the Tanner family or obscured half of her face whenever she went into public. She was just kind of a dumpy weirdo who got shit on all the time by the people next door.

But here’s the thing—in what bizarro universe is Kimmy the wacky, eccentric next door neighbor when you consider the shenanigans happening at the Tanner house? How is it that we’re tricked into thinking that Kimmy is the weirdo when she doesn’t live in a house with her dad, two sisters, her uncle’s entire family and her dad’s unmarried college buddy?

To everybody else in the neighborhood, the Tanners must seem like some creepy cult polygamist family of serial killers. First of all, every single adult in the household is a quasi-celebrity. Danny and Becky host a local morning talk show,  Joey is a stand-up comedian and ventriloquist who hosts his own children’s show and Jesse is apparently a popular enough singer to warrant impromptu jam sessions with the Beach Boys, which only continues to add to the Manson-esque mystique of the Tanner clan.

The point is, these are people who really could and should be living on their own by now but are somehow compelled to live in basements and attics, like college students who just returned home to mom and dad’s place. And at the heart of it all is Danny—a broken man who fell to pieces after his wife died and is now obsessed with keeping the house clean and “full” of people.

This is what Kimmy Gibbler lives next door to and the Tanners have the audacity to give her shit about having smelly feet?

Okay, granted, Kimmy and her family aren’t any much better, but their quirkiness seems almost more grounded in reality. Her parents are more like some old San Francisco hippies who are just sort of letting their kids take care of themselves. They do some weird shit, like one episode where they were raising an ostrich in their backyard—but hippies do weird shit like that all the time. How else are you going to have free range organic ostrich eggs?

The Gibblers and their free loving ways run counter to Danny’s orderly and morally-driven household, which is why Kimmy is treated like a pariah by everybody except her best friend DJ (who still manages to shit on Kimmy whenever she can.) Kimmy might be the one to try cigarettes or lie to her parents to go to a party, but that’s the kind of stuff any curious teenager would do. Meanwhile DJ never pulls that shit and if she does, you know Papa Danny is going to give her such an end-of-the-episode sermon that she’ll never do it again.

Since Kimmy isn’t a Tanner, when she acts up she just—learns a lesson the way any of the rest of us do, by living life and making mistakes. She can’t be given a cheesy “I’ll always love you” speech by Danny, punctuated by some lame joke to cap off the episode. So instead, on those rare Kimmy-centric episodes, it’s DJ who gets the speech that Kimmy would have received—and it’s usually about how Kimmy is lucky to have DJ as a friend because without that Tanner influence rubbing off on her, Kimmy would be dead by now.

Kimmy’s parents, on the other hand, had completely different thoughts on the subject. In one episode Kimmy’s parents grounded her by sending her to live with the Tanners. The joke was supposed to be that it felt more like a punishment to the Tanners than Kimmy, but in the end Kimmy’s parents were still kind of right. She can’t cuss or spit or even masturbate at the Tanner household without there being some genuine moments of awkwardness and there’s nothing to do over there except listen to Michelle talk like a Ninja Turtle or watch the Beach Boys perform “Kokomo” for the umpteenth time.

So if Kimmy isn’t the wacky next door neighbor, just what is she?


Kimmy keeps the audience’s attention occupied while the writers and producers pull the greatest illusion of all—convincing you that the Tanners represent how families actually act.

When Kimmy shows up on the screen, she’s belittled and insulted by everyone from Uncle Jesse to the fucking family dog, Comet. That’s because Kimmy acts too much like a real person, making her own decisions and occasionally choosing the wrong ones.

If we’re ever to believe that a family of nine people could live together in perfect harmony and only resolve conflict through heartfelt speeches, then the only realistic character on the show has to be treated like a gross weirdo so that we don’t want to identify with her.

Instead we try to imagine ourselves as Tanners, which brings up a whole new level of internal conflict since nobody could realistically be that perfect. Deep down we know we’re all Kimmy Gibblers and after awhile, you start to think that maybe your family is as dysfunctional and trashy as you had always feared. Maybe the Tanners are how other families act. Maybe when other kids get in trouble it ends in a hug and a profound family moment instead of screaming and irreversible emotional trauma.

Fuck it, maybe you should lie to your parents and try cigarettes.

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  • Gord Bestwick

    I would like to say for the record that I had a teen-crush on Kimmy throughout the run the of the show. This article just hammers home that given the choice between a Tanner or Gibbler, I’d have made the right choice.

  • MLB

    and there’s nothing to do over there except listen to Michelle talk like a Ninja Turtle or watch the Beach Boys perform “Kokomo” for the umpteenth time.” haaaaaaaahahahahaha. Best ever.

  • Seriously

    This may just be the best article I have ever read on the internet. Kudos.

  • SpaghettiMole

    It could be totally farfetched, but this is EXACTLY the way I think of every Transformers franchise. Autobots are the Tanners of the galaxy.

  • sarahspy

    haha now that you put it that way…

    • James Enelow

      The problem I have with the article is this. Kimmy is a wierdo. She broke things that weren’t hers. I’m pretty sure she convinced DJ to go to a party with drinking one episode and Kimmy sold DJ up the river or through her under the bus when DJ was caught drinking. Gibbler received no punishment whatso ever from her paretns–or at least we didn’t see it. I believe the statement made almost every episode was that Gibbler’s parents left her behind a lot, like she was a freak. And Gibbler isn’t innocent. She’s a spoiled rotten little brat of a child and when she’s onscreen, the universe revolves around her–she derides Danny Tanner and makes jokes about his age constantly, as well as the other grownups. And she exists like most better than thou members of the generation today, if it happened before I came onto the scene it doesn’t matter, so why should i care. You’re right in one regard, she’s not the wacky neighbor, she’s the embodiment of every selfish generation X-er lining our universities today that could stand to listen a bit more and think about what they say before they say it.

      • Ines

        So she’s a weirdo yet she’s exactly the same as every college student…?

        • Gretchen O

          maybe weirdos are the normal ppl…

      • Sara


        The ONLY thing that Kimmy broke that was not her’s was the Tanner’s TV set when she ACCIDENTALLY doped over balcony after her and DJ carried it up stairs; and she did say that she was “REALLY REALLY SORRY” it’s not like she drove a CAR through the KITCHEN at all, and she NEVER convinced DJ to go to any party where she KNEW that there would be nor did she intentionally try to get her friend in big trouble at all.

  • Mike Wagner

    This is in part what I was getting at with The Positive Power of Being Strange TEDx Des Moines Talk,

    • Nick

      Man, you… you are really marketing *hard*. Points for persistence.

  • Kevin L. Clark


  • dianne tanner

    Hi i actually grew up as a Tanner (I still am one actually) and this article has made me realise just how much my life was like growing up in the Tanner household or more specifically, how much my Dad was like Danny Tanner, with the moral lectures and ‘I’ll always love you’ chats. Facedesk. I just faced my desk. Several times. I live on the other side of the world now. I should look DJ up she must be here somewhere.

  • Big Sexy

    This article is your standard liberal bullshit. Who are you to judge the way the Tanner’s live? This article smells of liberal hate regarding conservatives and is totally hypocritical. How does living with your family/people you love define you as a “cult” and, if I’m not mistaken, the entire show was about making mistakes, learning from them and dealing with conflict. The Tanner’s displayed healthy ways to deal with your issues by highlighting open communication, understanding, and love. Kimmie was an annoying brat with no boundaries because her parents did parent her well enough. I was going to write more, but I have to go to work.

    • JSka

      Poop in your soup.

    • Sara

      I bet you’re NOT even “sexy.”

  • Sara Manning

    First of I actually LIKED Kimmy Gibbler
    probably MORE the 3 Tanner daughters; call me
    “NUTS” if you wish but the girl was not all THAT BAD, sure she had her FLAWS
    and her BAD POINTS but then again NO ONE is PERFECT. Second of all I didn’t like
    how the show tried her to make her character seem as irritating a humanly
    possible; like giving her a stinky feet problem that could clear a room and a snoring
    issue that sounded like a “Garbage Truck”, oh and saying the wrong thing at the
    wrong time and coming off as DIMWITTED.
    Almost all of the Tanner Family member on the show had something about them
    the could be called ANNOYING; like I said NO ONE IS PERECT, but being one big
    happy cheesy family those negatives could easily be over looked. D.J. seemed to
    be a somewhat of a Drama Queen; and was often seen pouting up in her bedroom until
    one of the adults came up to console her, seriously has anyone else noticed
    this at all. Stephanie perkiness was less then cute and she used too many details
    whenever she was chattering on about her boring day; like having to mention the
    “eye crusties” she saw in her eyes when she woke up one day, and all the times we
    had hear “HOW RUDE!” As for Michelle the kid wasn’t all that precious and adorable
    like everyone treated; and became more of a spoiled brat who could not keep a
    secret to save her life, and being the youngest and the smallest of the 3 daughters
    got a way with a lot a things.

    • padfoot1100

      i liked kimmy the best too, but you say no one is perfect and then you list all the bad things about the tanner girls? they had their downfalls and stuff exactly like kimmy. their all great characters.

  • Gretchen O

    FUNNY! but im not really like kimmy. i wont go lying to my parents to sneak to a party or try cigarettes. except, i have to admit, kimmy is my favorite character!

  • JSka

    Really great! Seriously wicked take on that. I hope the writers thought this way about her character. It adds layers to the show and lends reason to my having watched it at all.

  • Furienna

    Well, I cant say that I totally agree with the writer of this article. But he still made some good points.

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