Sher Valenzuela thanks the government

I couldn’t pack the beauty of this stunt into the headline. Here’s how FirstStateMan presented it on Reddit: “On Tuesday night, small business owner Sher Valenzuela will address the nation at the RNC on how she ‘built it herself’. Unfortunately, she forgot to build So, I built it for her!” talks about the actual history of Valenzuela’s company, First State Manufacturing, and how it’s relied on government aid from the start.

Several sites had already listed FSM’s multiple government benefits, including $15 million in government contracts and over $2 million in federal loans, plus help from the local government. FirstStateMan built that history into a pro-government-aid description of the business — without making up anything except FSM’s gratitude to the government that helped it succeed. This timeline of government aid might be the most efficiently damning page.

The fake site got covered by the Atlantic Wire, but I can’t find any other high-profile mentions. The site’s already getting slammed from Reddit though, so expect to see this everywhere today.

Meanwhile, Reddit commenter smackson pointed to a news clipping on FSM’s real site, “Get federal dollars by being a minority-owned business.” The real site also touts FSM’s new government partnership (a Delaware project for giving government aid to small businesses) and its government clients. The Republicans have done a great job this year finding true Democratic success stories.

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