mildly interesting subreddit

The internet overhypes everything. You can only hear the AMAZING MUST-SEE WILL RESTORE YOUR FAITH IN HUMANITY sales pitch so many times before you start to hate the thing in question just on principle. Not everything needs to be “the best ever” to be properly appreciated.

The more than 40,000 subscribers at /r/MildlyInteresting know this all too well. They are champions at finding the small things in life and letting them stand on the their own merits. Described by their moderators as “Mildly interesting stuff. Stuff that interests you. Mildly,” MildlyInteresting is a home for all things that make you go “heh” or “hmm”. You may even find some of its posts underhyped.

We’ve collected a few of their best posts from the last week or so to give you a taste of this little subreddit that constantly manages to rise above its mild foundation.

BlueKiwi came across a piece of cheese that was displeased to find itself a part of their lunch:

Radicalpi happened upon two cars that has sequential license plates:

Measure76 saw this brick on the path at their local zoo:

Josliot managed to capture the US population right at pi hundred million:

Scruff13 titled this image, “Achieved the impossible,” but I’m not sure if they’re referring to getting the foil off in one go, or having a jar of Nutella open and untouched long enough to take a picture:

Georgebullis had “somewhat square” tomato slices:

Janemorrisgoodall had some help while pumping gas:

Whale_pubes‘ Reese’s cup was wrapped upside down:

Anamericandude‘s cider was double-wrapped:

Raveseer had a happy omelette:

Unibod‘s cousin has a dog that looks like Gizmo:

At Farawaylake‘s work they save their bread tags on this rack:

Wrb19‘s odometer gives a numerical frisson:

This picture of a long french fry becomes even better when you find out that the user who posted it is NotYourMothersDildo:

RunningMoto points out a neat design feature in Tic-Tac containers:

Go see more at /r/MildlyInteresting. We slightly recommend it.

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