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BEST PORN COMMENTS finds and tweets the best non sequiturs, mush-mouthed appreciation, and body snarks left on internet porn.

The account started on April 1 with this:

Followed in two minutes by this:

And so on…

There’s more than one religious shaming here. Are they — I mean this, truly — are they just leaving these comments, or are they watching the porn, cumming, and in their shame lashing out at others? Like pro-life ladies who know their abortion doesn’t count?

Another moralizer, a man I’d like to sit and talk with, to ask about his life priorities:


Remember that most of these are typed with one hand at a moment of great distraction.

I loathe how much I empathize with the next tweet.

By including this one pithy comment, Best Porn Comments demonstrates a precise curatorial hand and an appreciation beyond “lol these people don’t talk good”:

The beauty here is the call for corroboration:

Who goes through life communicating like this?

Got a wit here. I know all my commentary is “who does this” but really who tries to amuse future porn viewers? Is there some voting system to reward the following comment? Is there a Favstar for XVideos?

Well I’m spent. Read more at @BestPornComment.

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