Obama up late online

Buoyed by the success of yesterday’s visit to Reddit, President Obama decides to reach out to other communities on the internet.

4chan: “Hi, I’m the President” becomes the latest meme, with thousands of users posting the phrase in the hours after Obama’s visit. Annoyed, Anonymous uses the EXIF data in Obama’s verification photo to track down his location to “somewhere on Pennsylvania Avenue”.

Buzzfeed: Interview goes well until an editor steps in and begins ranking POTUS’ answers while he’s still giving them.

Tumblr: The President writes a stunning 5,000 word takedown/indictment of the American political system, and pledges to legalize marijuana, allow gay marriage, and cease drone killings. He doesn’t include any cool gifs, however, so the post is ignored in favor of a photoshop of Obama as Gus Fring from Breaking Bad.

The Onion AV Club: Commenters demand to know Obama’s favorite Mr. Show sketch (he can’t decide between “The Audition” and “Pre-Taped Call-In Show”) and make fun of him for not having watched Arrested Development yet.

Metafilter: Thread is immediately deleted for being too similar to a recent post (“The Wire and the White House: Grantland asks ‘Is Obama All In The Game’?”)

WordPress: Great post! Check out this site – I was amazed I could get prescription drugs Rx pills medication from Canada low-cost v1agara c1al1s.

Twitter: President Obama is besieged by new users asking for RTs and #FFs, and gets angry @replies from Beliebers upset that all this is taking attention away from Justin’s new album. Twitter PR steps in and asks the President to focus more on the non-upper-right quadrants.

Daring Fireball: Gruber asks how much of an influence Stanley Kubrick has been on Obama’s career: a) a big influence, b) a huge influence, or c) an enormous influence.

Techcrunch: Mike Arrington relentlessly cheerleads the President’s policies, despite most of them being vaporware. Things go sour when Obama mentions the CrunchPad.

Facebook: Users grill the Commander in Chief about his position on Farmville subsidies, and ask if he could kick the terrorists out of Guantanamo (and replace them with people who click “attending” on the event page and then never show up).

Google+: After massive hype from Google, including an ad for the interview on the search engine’s homepage, nobody shows up.

Hacker News: Thread quickly devolves into a debate about the best way to open-source the Constitution. Most prefer GitHub, but admit a wiki would be cool, if only for the opportunity to label the Second Amendment a stub.

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Photo by debuzzy on Reddit

  • MyFreeWeb

    “Metafilter: Thread is immediately deleted for being too similar to a recent post”

    Oh yeah. This is soooo accurate. Jessamyn keeps saying they aren’t obsessed with deletion, but we now they are.

    (Also, the Twitter one :D)

  • Shannon

    Ridiculously accurate!

  • potomato

    hi im the president

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