Maggie Jordan is helpless

Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom gets criticized for its unintelligent female characters. But you have to view it in context of Sorkin’s whole career. It gets much, much worse.


  • Matthew Schlissel

    point well taken, but not well illustrated. i mean i guess the illustrations were ok but i wish you had a more substantive argument, that way i can understand why his writing is sexist. im a huge fan and i can see some of the other side’s points but i haven’t heard a real thought-out argument (actually, you could’ve just put up a picture of Maggie, her forced acting would’ve said all you needed to say.)

    • Nick

      This is kind of more a joke site than a site that has to convince you of things.

  • zed officious

    I wouldn’t say his portrayal of female characters is sexist. More like his portrayal of female characters is poor and lazy. They’re all little whirlybirds of eccentric energy and often unimportant intelligence. They’re intelligence is always better than the men’s when the stakes are not high. But that final climactic moment thath the whole crux of the story hangs on will always be decided by a man in Sorkin’s work.

    • Avery Edison

      So he always writes a certain set of characters in a particular way, and you notice that this separation is based on gender, but that’s not sexist? :-P

    • Nick

      That’s my personal theory too! Like maybe he just didn’t know it’s sexist to give all the dumb qualities to the girls and neither did the other writers or the producers or everyone else involved with the show.

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