one hundred dollars

After making stock symbols (like $HLYS) clickable in tweets, Twitter added functions to the rest of the symbol lineup. Here’s each symbol and what it links to.

  • !misogyny: problematic themes in this week’s Newsroom episode
  • %parallelbars: Predicted Olympic event winners, should NBC choose to reveal them
  • ;BreakingBad: GIF recaps
  • ^movingtocanada: Seemingly idiotic tweets that were actually witty banter
  • +LanaDelRey: Mentions of any person, but fat
  • ?JohnCena: Pro wrestlers maintaining kayfabe
  • *bugsbunnyandlola: Rule 34 pictures
  • &insidejob: Conversations on the truer, better version of Twitter that all the smart people use

Photo by/CC Cuttlefish on Flickr

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