girls performing industrial dance

Ever see gothy kids rhythmically pumping their arms in a mall parking lot? That was Industrial Dance. Here’s how it works.

  • Kris.

    Just putting it out there… personlly i don’t think much of the dance behind industrial music.

    But you sir, are a fucking ignorant idiot when it comes to Gothic/industrial culture.

  • Meow

    lol you have no idea what you’re talking about. Most of the videos you picked and used as examples are just ravers imitating or parodying industrial dance. And you should give the music more credit. Sure, there’s a lot of bland techno out there dished up by talentless composers, and some of it could be categorized as industrial, but there is some really good industrial techno, too. Give the real cyber goths some respect, ok? It’s not just about how you dress anyway. It’s about the meaning behind the whole song and dance. A lot of cyber goths use this medium to speak out against violence, (both war and domestic violence) and against destruction of the environment. Hence the gas mask, “for some reason.” Rant over.

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