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Guilty pleasures can be a controversial topic. Some people argue that if you enjoy something, you should enjoy it wholeheartedly and without shame. While I personally agree, sometimes I can’t help but be a little embarrassed by the things I love — like fluffy teen pop music. But nothing quite compares to the shame of a past obsession, the thing you once thought was beyond cool, the very definition of rad, yet now recall with horror.

Redditor damarust admits that for him, it was velcro shoes. He asked his fellow users, asking, “What is something you used to think was cool but now realize is not?

Nicnak1118 didn’t quite have the coordination of his fellow classmates:

In middle school it was really cool to touch your middle finger to your thumb then shake your hand up and down really fast making your pointer finger smack into your middle finger and thumb. This made a snapping sound. I could never do it, and I was SO envious that everyone else could.

Jiggjuggjogg gives it a try, with less than desirable results:

I just tried it and looked like I was giving a handjob. I think I may be doing it wrong.

Look_at_me tries to help out:

Try it without a penis in your hand.

The _Lollipop_King had questionable fashion sense:

I used to think it was cool to wear an all-red two-piece track suit to school in grade 6.

Hurrykato asks him:

Is your father Chaz Tenenbaum?

Saggy_balls keeps in character with his username:

JNCO jeans.

The similarly named SizableSac shows remorse over his former hair preferences:

I used to have an 8-inch rat tail. Shudder.

red321red321 is bitter:

My ex.

Fille_fatale will probably never fully appreciate the subtleties of a fine wine:

Cramming a bunch of Warheads in your mouth and trying not to cry. The kid who could do that was the coolest kid for about a week afterward.

I hope revolverwaffle’s teachers had an insurance plan that covered visual:

Writing on stuff with neon-colored gel pens. My teachers in 4th grade were not happy trying to read my homework.

My_spoon_is_too_big got into self-destruction at an early age:

Wearing your backpack with one strap. It was all the rage in middle school. Now I have back problems.

Nolez just wanted everyone to know they had great taste in music:

Having my favorite song blare as a ringtone for texts and calls. Having a generic ringtone is one thing, but I can’t believe people used to put up with the same bullshit song going off over and over for years when I’d get a text every five minutes.

VivaLaMoose liked having options:

Pants where you could unzip the legs to make shorts.

Gets_rude_at_the_end shudders to remember:

Those sneakers that lit up when you would run. Little did I know that it merely transformed me into pedophile bait.

Taco_Farmer liked to show off his jeans’ battle scars:

Jeans with holes in the knees. As a kid the only tan I had on my legs was on my knees.

Yabacam takes the joke home:

A Taco_Farmer’s tan ?

Ringmaster324’s answer is hilarious, yet heartbreaking:

My bachelor’s degree.

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