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It is a truth universally acknowledged that Lego are badass. Unless you step on them. However in my book that qualifies them as weapons, which technically ups their badass quotient. Therefore it stands to reason that the Reddit novelty account ICanLegoThat is one of the coolest around, and the pictures we’ve gathered here prove it’s true.

ICanLegoThat has Lego-fied redditor’s usernames and re-created iconic movie scenes, but more often than not he simply drops into unsuspecting threads and posts Lego interpretations of the comments that strike his fancy. His collection of bricks and minifigs is awe-inspiring, and he has a knack for using minimal presentation to convey a story. Most of his collection is made up of sets he had as a child, and while he estimates that it includes over 30,000 pieces, he says he tears down after each build is photographed, as he needs the pieces for new projects.

Account owner Alex Eylar is not a literal pro (he works in the film business), but he knows his stuff. When I asked him for the oddest Lego fact he knows, he threw down:

Only two actors have appeared as two different characters in Lego sets. One is Harrison Ford, in the Star Wars and Indiana Jones sets. The other is Alfred Molina, oddly enough, as Doc Ock in the Spider-Man sets, and as Indy’s guide in the Raiders of the Lost Ark set.

Knows bricks, knows how to use them. One look at his Flickr stream and you’ll realize how insanely talented he is.

Check out a few of the movie scenes he’s done:

A Clockwork Orange
ICanLegoThat's "A Clockwork Orange"

ICanLegoThat's Inception

In one thread, totallynotdoogie‘s comment led to Lego memes:

I like to believe that Keanu and Nic Cage have been around for centuries, competing against each other for fame. Best friends, yet worst enemies.

Nick Cage vs. Sad Keanu

ChiefEagledust answered the question, “If you knew you were going to die, what is the last thing you would do immediately before your death?” with:

I want to jump from the top of a large building with numerous bags of Skittles attached to my body. It’s safe to assume people will be confused when there is a bloody corpse on the ground, surrounded by a large radius of fruity candy.

Mysterious Skittles Death

In a thread about conspiracy theorists, waitingforbatman shared the following anecdote:

This guy spent twenty minutes in my writing class telling us that Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landing and left clues in The Shining.

The Moon Landing ala Kubrick

At one point ThatKevinSmith (the man himself) questioned his own existence:

Bullshit. Kevin Smith isn’t real, he’s just a suburban legend: A make-believe monster mothers tell their kids about to keep ‘em in line. Like Bloody Mary. Or Jesus.

Kevin Smith: The man, the myth, the minifig

SunChipsSombrero’s nostalgia prompted ICanLegoThat to get a bit more profound than usual:

I miss NOT having the internet, those days when I would play with my action figures and really use my imagination, and go outside and fucking explore every little thing. I remember my cousin and I once suited up in toy gladiator armor and had a battle with some kids down the block, it turned into a real brawl. The last time I did something like that was in a game.

I miss using my imagination

One of my favorites is when pissflap admits the one thing he  completely fails at:

Keeping my farts silent.

Not-So-Silent Farts

And finally, in a thread where users were throwing around Arrested Development references like confetti, ICanLegoThat stepped in and put them all to shame:

ICanLegoThat's Bluth family

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