Overly Attached Girlfriend Laina does Q and A

“Overly Attached Girlfriend” is the street name for Laina, a wide-eyed girl who made an intentionally creepy parody of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”. The OAG name mostly comes from an advice meme her first video spawned. She’s since made two more “fan videos” singing creepy versions of pop songs. And now she’s done a 13-minute Q&A.

Laina is self-effacing and playful. And she’s popular enough to get half a million views on a Q&A. Seems like a keeper, which is I guess my stupid way of saying I hope she makes a lot more videos and keeps developing her comedy.

Fun fact: Eyes that show whites above or below the iris are called Sanpaku, and in folklore it indicates craziness.

  • nolalola26

    “..unless he broke my heart.” She’s pretty great.

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