Krispy Kreme and Money Maker Mike in Coolest Guys

I am shouting “No! No! No!” alone in a room. I am smiling.

“Coolest Guys” is more essential than every preceding Krispy Kreme song. It is the Krispiest of Kremes. If you don’t watch this, and you go hang out with some people tonight, you will be a tool and they will have to show this to you on their iPhone.

Best part? Probably when he rhymes “Michael Jordan” with “Michael Jordan”, or the line after, which is just a whole bag of sweets on its own so I won’t ruin it.

I had a trouble getting a screenshot, because every time Kreme punches or gestures, he closes his eyes which, even if accidental, is such a nice touch.

Reminder: Krispy Kreme is a fictional character invented by unknown rapper Tyler Cassidy. Slacktory is trying to find him and interview him in person.

Via: Tastefully Offensive, kinda

  • mat catastrophe

    Fictional or not, one of the best things to happen in a loooong time.

  • TurtleMike

    Did you see him on tosh.0??!

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