Krispy Kreme is rapper Tyler Cassidy

Famously bad YouTube rapper Krispy Kreme has a new video out, “Stolen Bikes”. It’s slick, but still adorably homemade, and it builds on the narrative of James (who kidnapped Money Mike in “Best Friends”). And it’s probably the moment the media discovers what hip-hop fans have known for weeks now: Krispy Kreme is a hoax.

How believable was it that Krispy Kreme was really a semi-illiterate hick? How could lyrics like “Even if you had infinity knives, I would punch you up into the air like a kite” not be intentionally goofy, the work of a comedian doing a rap joke?

I always assumed so, but intelligent internet-appreciators like writer Greg Rutter took Krispy Kreme as legit, and Know Your Meme, Wikipedia and Best Week Ever never suggested a hoax. (Though the Huffington Post’s Andres Juaregui suspected something.)

So I started to believe there really was a mouth-breathing rural rapper who was just accidentally entertaining. Stupidity was a magical power superior to talent, and some day the only working comedians would be unintentional ones.

Meanwhile a collection of, uh, rap detectives discovered Krispy’s real name, Tyler Cassidy. They found a newsletter from The Flint Journal listing Tyler (under a picture of a guy who’s clearly Krispy Kreme) as the valedictorian of his high school class, with a 3.95 grade average. So he’s not from Alabama, and he’s not dumb enough to think “You smell like a fart” is the best possible insult in a rap song.

I don’t know who first discovered Tyler, but the news spread around the bowels of the internet, like obscure spam blogs, the Odd Future message board, hot-babe-pics blog The Dirty, a Tyler Cassidy Facebook group, and an actually quite popular YouTube video. Someone even tracked down his Michigan home address and (disconnected) phone number.

Tyler may also have made non-joke rap songs under his own name. A commenter on Krispy’s “Fight for your dreams” video caught him saying “you fight and you crawl”. A rap song allegedly by Tyler includes the lyrics “I scrape, I crawl, I bleed for this / I fight, I brawl, I feed on this”:

There are two more Tyler Cassidy tracks on the same YouTube account. They’re all far more eloquent than Krispy Kreme. And I can’t tell if that voice could come from the same person. If it did, this kid’s a fucking master.

Here’s Krispy’s newest video, “Stolen Bikes”:

The top comment on the new song:

This guy is such a genius. I mean, think about it. At first, everyone thinks it’s this redneck kid who makes bad raps. But as most people know now, Krispy Kreme (Tyler Cassidy) is actually a ridiculously talented rapper (His old songs can support that) that has been playing us from the beginning. Notice how the quality of his videos improve significantly each time? He’s been planning to build up to his real talent. He took the smart route, the comedic route. I seriously give this guy props.

Damn right! If Krispy is actually a rap genius who’s been playing an act and raking in millions of views for it, then he can keep building the Krispy story, maybe Hannah-Montana this thing and do dual concerts, forever hoping his actual talent can one day outgrow the shadow of his fake lack of talent. A hard life for him! More entertainment for us!

Update: He already has a new video out. Jesus.

Update Jan 10, 2013:

Six months after the post above, Tyler changed his rap name to Froggy Fresh, claiming the donut company Krispy Kreme had fought his use of their trademark. But Tyler’s first music video as Froggy Fresh shows another good reason: Under a new name, Tyler can reveal how he’s actually a great rapper.

Tyler Cassidy now walks among us, a free man.

  • dan

    How is it a “hoax”? The fact that he had a good GPA in high school doesn’t mean anything. Most performers, and rappers especially, are playing some kind of character. Also: you’ve clearly never been to Flint, Michigan. It’s about as economically depressed and full of “hicks” as you can get and I’d put it up against Alabama any day.

    • TheAuthentic

      lmao way to try so hard to disagree. all the author is saying is that obviously krispy kreme was an act due to his being valedictorian and having actual rap talent. and i’d say its just more ironic genius that he lives in Flint.

    • Pfunk751

      It’s an act cause look up Tyler cassidy he has very talenyed songs

  • Scott

    What I don’t get is if this article is a joke. Do people not think that Krispy Kreme is anything but a comedic rapper? It’s not like he is pretending to be Krispy Kreme, pretty much every rapper has a name. I think Krispy Kreme is a pretty good rapper, and I think what he is doing is not a parody, it is just a rap style that is funny. Don’t many popular rappers have jokey lines? I feel like Krispy Kreme is just a skilled rapper with a lot of more funny lines than usual.

    • Nick

      Have you listened to “Coolest Guys”?

  • Vernon

    A GPA of 3.95 in Flint basically only proves that one is literate.

    • some guy

      And your comment is evidence that you don’t have to be from a rural area to be ignorant.

  • Jenny

    I want more!! I want a full length feature film with the whole gang, James, Krispy, money maker mike ala Borat.

  • “Orange Mike” Lowrey

    It is not true that Wikipedia never suspected a hoax. What we would not do was allow the insertion of assertions based on blog posts and “I know a guy who looks just like him!”: which is what a lot of what people were trying to shove into the article (along with some unsourced gibberish about a mysterious “Brett, Krispy’s manager” who was supposedly feuding with somebody about performance rights).

  • lol

    he took the lil b route.

  • Donnie Kimball

    Who thinks someones real name is gonna be krispy kreme people need to quit hating . This guy deserves evrything he is gonna gain from this.

  • Charley

    lil b the basedgod has already done this, next.

  • Kris O

    This is probably Krispy Kreme that wrote this. He probably gave out his real identity himself And with that he also gave out his other “real” rap videos. It’s all him! He’s a genius!

  • ThePhantomNihilist

    America….you’re fucking stupid. If this wasn’t OBVIOUSLY a joke, you need to start back over from elementary school and work your way up again.

    • Apple Tablet

      If you’ve ever been to the Midwest or South you would know that there are many people as stupid as the Kreme character and also think they are a rapper. The only giveaway is a couple of slick lyrics and video quality, the rest is very believable. I used to think the redneck jokes were just a joke until I lived in the midwest and say some idiots sporting mullets and chewing tobacco.

      • Derek Stiles

        Oh, you mean those idiots that built this country with blood and sweat while you were no more than a future garter stain on your mom’s legs.

        Those idiots. Gotcha.

        Pompous jerk off, don’t spill your double dildo soy latte while you poke fun.

        • Slacktory

          Oh you are a DELIGHT.

          • Derek Stiles

            I’d like to think so. :)

  • Shawn Jenkins

    I don’t see how anyone could watch one of these videos and not realize within the first minute the kid is a genius. The lyrics, as silly as they may be, are still very clever and hilarious. His demeanor is obviously intentionally corky. And the editing of the videos and production of the tracks is way to good to be done by dumb hicks. I saw the genius and loved these guys for it instantly.

    • bob saggut

      Great point! I knew he was a genius when he called the “Illmatic” the greatest album of all time! hahaha

  • SomeGuy

    All I know is I rather listen to anything this guy makes then the crap rap produced today. Far more entertaining and light hearted.

    • Pfunk751

      There alot good artist underground but look up his real stuff Tyler cassidy

  • Kevin

    he’s not a hoax. hes just finding an easier and obviously pretty damn good way to get his name out there.

    • Pfunk751

      look up his real stuff Tyler cassidy

    • Mac

      yeah pretending to be a disabled person is genus i should park in every handicapped parking place at my work

  • t

    This guy could save rap. He is blatantly showing how retarded music has become and he is going to become famous based on how smart he is. This is possibly the most clever hoax ever hoaxed.


      how is it a hoax??

      • Johnny Deadboy

        Right when you said ‘ cuz you stink like a fart. I knew it!
        and watched everything else 11million times!!!!

  • Keats

    Why does any fictitious character on facebook need to be labelled a hoax? He didn’t fool anyone, people just didn’t get it.

  • Keats

    It’s not s hoax. Can’t a fictitious character exist on youtube without people speculating on the sincerity of it? He didn’t fool anyone. People just didn’t get it. He’s brilliant.

  • xaa

    I don’t understand what you mean by fake “lack” of talent. I think his talent is evident. He’s crafted a persona out of thin air to make a name for himself, and he’s ALWAYS seemingly in character. I think the kid is extremely talented and the lyrics, as corny and silly as they are, are a perfect combination of quirky, quaint, harmless and genuinely funny. Without apologies I love this guy.

    • BMFM

      A fake lack. Meaning he is pretending not to have, when in reality it is plentiful. He’s not unique in doing this. Many before him have played their audiences, laughing. Joaquin Phoenix could have learned a thing or two from this kid.

  • Tylercassidycomeback

    It’s not that he wants a life as comedic rapper he is a legitimate rapper a damn good one at that but his videos weren’t gettin the attention they deserved and as the genius he is he knew comedy gets more attention he is building up his rep so he can release his true talent onto the world. Smartest man I’ve ever seen and my favorite rapper

  • The Rod

    My daughter turned me on to his video, as it was going viral. YES I did laugh uncontrollably when I watched it. BUT, I found it really quaint and non threatening. THE BOY HAS AN INNOCENCE and simple talent which can’t help but to endear himself to anyone watching to him.
    I’ve watched everything he’s done, because I keep thinking he’s not for real. SO does my daughter. She’s 17 and actually like’s him! Sure she thinks his stuff is funny, but she really appreciates what she perceives as his genuineness. In other words, he’s doing this himself, and it’s 100% real. Warts and all.
    I do think this little guy has a genuine following, and I do believe that in the hands of the RIGHT management, he could be bigger than Miley Cyrus. AND I FOR ONE AM ROOTING FOR HIM!

  • CC

    It seems pretty clear that although he was once a very intelligent guy, he likely got into some kind of accident and sustained brain damage that changed his life. Happens all the time.

    • Mychal Middleton

      Not if you listen to Same Old Kid those lyrics weren’t that of a brain damaged kid

    • bob saggut

      He must have been made that song above before he was in the accident then?… I highly doubt that was the work of a pre-teen, being that he couldn’t have been over the age of 15 when he made his first “hoax” video. That just my thoughts. No hate <3

  • Greg

    Call Krispy stupid again assface, I’ll kill your children

    • Derek Stiles

      You’re actually stupid. Krispy seems to have a high IQ and some talent.

  • Justice Johnson

    this kid is a damn redneck that should learn to buy a box of fucking kleenex. that steals bike stupid hillbilly

    • Derek Stiles

      You make me fear for our future as a nation.

      RIP Intelligent America.

  • socalwb951

    I’m a little disappointed in him cuz all his songs are great with no cussing but he is just a fake he is jjust like the rest of them

  • anonymous

    genius he is a god tier troll and actually really talented

  • Ben

    anyone who 1) works in media and sees plenty of viral videos, 2) didn’t see immediately that this was a joke, and 3) made fun of this guy: is a full-on idiot. a sucker born ever minute, i swear

  • john

    no one is that good of an actor. if you watch his vidoes especially the videos that aren’t him rapping you can tell he has a mental disability and he is trying as hard as he can

    • Autism-mom

      He has some form of Autism! This kid is on the spectrum!

      • tayada

        I was thinking the same thing when I saw him on Tosh.O.

  • steve

    Are you exposing a hoax or your own dim-wittedness? Froggy Fresh is obviously a brilliant act that needs no explanation and a far better lyricist than half of the overhyped trash on this website. Guess what? I’m about to blow you mind: Paul Reubens doesn’t actually act like Pee-wee Herman off camera! Why don’t you go expose him for the liar that he is.

  • E

    U guys do know that his iTunes account is listed under Tyler Cassidy?

    • Nick

      We do! That happened long after this piece was written. It’s now glaringly obvious that Tyler is Krispy/Froggy, and the new question is where he’ll take his character next.

  • Selena

    It’s obvious that the kid isn’t as dumb as he plays out to be.

  • mix

    Another reason for his “krispy kreme” approach: This way he has a better chance of selling some solid social messages to a crowd who would otherwise lose interest after the first intelligent line they hear. Listen to “Same Old Kid” in the video above…this song addresses a volatile class struggle, misplaced priorities, and an overarching theme of community .Pretty hard to get your average teen to put any mental effort into something like that….unless of course you hook em with a lovable southern “halfwit” personality and package the message as a funny little joke.

  • Sean

    The hoax is not that he has an alter ego, you dunce. It is that he made people think he’s mentally slow and was getting millions of views because people thought he was horrible, but he is not slow and actually has normal songs that aren’t made to be intentionally bad. That’s the hoax. Not all the stupid crap about rappers having alter egos. Hahaha!!

    • Jhag

      People thought that because of his alter ego, you dunce. I mean damn, just think about it.

    • Apple Tablet

      So you pretty much are saying that every rapper is a hoax, because just about every rapper in their first album claims to be rich (rented chains, cars, houses, etc), killer, baller, pimp, gangster, shotcaller, player, etc..

  • What a bigoted crock

    I can’t believe the superiority complex on display in this “article”
    How can a “Mouth breathing rural boy” actually be entertaining?
    Are you serious? Do you honestly assume people from rural areas can’t actually be funny or intelligent or talented?
    Have you heard of William Faulkner or My Morning Jacket or other individuals or groups with rural backgrounds, all of them having an intelligence aNd talent that the writer of this blog “article” could only dream of having.
    Have you ever had a conversation with a person from a rural area or do you only watch Honey Boo Boo and form opinions based upon that travesty.
    Man this just proves most blog writers are just failed. . . No they are just failures.
    Krispy Kreme is a genius. Tyler or Froggy or whatever

  • Satans Angel

    Here is a Q&A with Tyler Cassidy!

  • fsdfsdf

    When I first saw the krispy kreme videos, I wondered how a semi-retarded kid could have put this video together. The beats, audio and video editing, as well as the filming,

  • Apple Tablet

    Scared of the dark cause you stink like a fart!!!

  • Ndawg

    pause at 1:45.

    Full screen this video.

    Change video quality to 720p.

    Look at the trophy in the bottom right hand corner.

    Proof Froggy Fresh is Tyler Cassidy.

  • Conner hays

    How did no one know it was a hoax in the first place?! Retards…

  • ralph

    Amazing how many people still don’t understand after this article spelled it out for them. Dang people can be so stupid.

  • Tropic Thunder

    I think what people are really upset about and why they call it a hoax is because he went full retard. Everybody knows you never go full retard.

  • Matt Burkett

    Reminds me of myself. I just live in this “backwards state” Alabama. I could probably be famous if I used my vocabulary and “fast speaking”, but that will never happen, because I am quite content not making millions of dollars entertaining fools. I like the simple life. Money gets you no where when you make the rest of the world mad. (Last sentence is not towards anyone in production of “Froggy Fresh.” Just a reminder to America that, we are not the only country. We are actually a small area just overrun with idiots who think money gets you everything, until the rest of the worlds finally gets tired of all the bullshit we produce and decide to do something about it. So keep pushing :) I’ll be that simple guy who gets taken out by foreign soldiers for defending my land, all because a bunch of idiots did everything they could to piss the rest of the world off.

  • Kaniero Mero Mero

    So now are we complementing a guy who mocks the mentally disabled? stupid people will think he is a genius because they don’t realise the harm this causes on a social level. Yes I laughed and then felt bad because its a thing we do that’s normal but taboo, he doesn’t sound stupid like ignorance he sounds innocent like an autistic person, clever but challenged in everyday life to understanding fully what he’s rapping. I think that’s the difference in my opinion. We should consider if we are going too far this time, this can be the first steps to tolerating mockery of human beings who usually have amazing hearts and lives trying to fit in our maddened world where genius is to sell out our humane values for selfish reasons. Froggy is genius for the wrong reasons. Ps I can’t find it funny no more after a real think.

    • Opey Morgan

      Jesus… America is so soft now. DON’T DO ANYTHING THAT WILL UPSET ANYBODY! OR I WILL GO ON A FORUM AND SAY SOMETHING BAD ABOUT IT!!! I think our “social level” is pretty ridiculous at this point.

    • Terry Garland

      You’re everything that’s wrong with the world today. You over think and attach guilt to something that should just be enjoyed. People like you don’t allow anything to stand without having to first run it through a gauntlet of political correctness to determine if it shouldn’t be denigrated as offensive to someone, anyone, in order to make yourself feel good about being “sensitive” to some cause or another. I find you offensive, and I wish people like you didn’t exist to complicate life more than it has to be.

  • Edward smith

    You know, if you take all special ed classes, you can have a 4.0 GPA. Jut sayin.

  • Don

    Even as Tyler Cassidy he was isnt a ” drug dealing alter ego” u don’t know what u r talking about

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