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We don’t like to hate things here! But Slacktory sous-blogger Henry Birdseye discovered the worst possible Twitter account, @ShitNoOneSayss_. Yes! An extra “s” and an underscore. Because they were like the fifteenth to this idea. And yet they have 95,039 followers, enough to warrant a HATEBLOG.

Here’s their Twitter avatar:

Oh, haha, did you assume the account name would match the username? Haha you are such a doofball!

Here’s their background image:

In case someone is offended by the word shit and isn’t looking at the avatar or username, I guess.

But what about the actual content? Here’s a sample tweet from @ShitNoOneSayss_:

130 people retweeted that, because it’s super-funny and relatable that people don’t like the McDonald’s Filet O’Fish. Next:

I had never noticed that poo smells bad, you guys!

Haha wait holllld up there, this account gave us a reason to legitimately wish it ill? Thank you!

This account also mocks Crocs. Have you noticed how people who make jokes about Nickelback, Crocs, Uggs and Justin Bieber are precisely as boring as those who enjoy them? (Socks-and-sandals mockers are on average less interesting.)

Lastly, a question of craft:

There’s no effort in the jokes, so I don’t know why I expect proper spelling, or really anything indicating an editorial process longer than three seconds in the middle of a mall.

So there, Shit Nobody Says, something you may not have seen before, that you definitely shouldn’t be interested in. Thus endeth the hateblog.

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