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If you see “crowdsourced Shell ads” floating around, they’re not real — the whole site for the Shell campaign is fake. The site looks like a Shell publicity stunt gone wrong, with people filling in Shell’s ads with subversive anti-Shell messages.

But it’s actually a Greenpeace publicity stunt gone very, very right. Greenpeace and the Yes Men (a group of hoax artists) built the whole site. (I can’t decide if that’s less subversive, or more.) Shell never asked people to write their ads. (They’re greedy, not stupid.) But millions of people will probably never find out this was a hoax. Anyway, here are the six best fake ads from Greenpeace’s site. They’re reminiscent of 2010′s BPGlobalPR.

Asher Platts:




Jason Rohrer:






Louis Shell XV:

Via: Ryan

Followup: How the Hilarious Shell Parodies From Greenpeace and the Yes Men Are Helping Shell


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