girl plays Justin Bieber

We’ve got hella videos today! Lots of funny videos. Buckets. Truckloads of funny videos.

Eight. We’ve got eight videos.

“Top 10 reasons not to vote for Barack Obama” (via Videogum) is funny because I visited my hometown this weekend and this is what grown adults also believe.

“Spiderman” is funny because the gentleman does not accomplish what he hoped to accomplish.

I’ve argued that internet rapper Krispy Kreme is much funnier when you know he’s a fictional character. This “prank” is more evidence:

“Boys” is funny even though Girls was a great show. Because if they could keep this pace up, Boys would be totally watchable. It’s pretty much every Judd Apatow movie.

“Mitt Romney, A Hero in My Mind” (via Chris Menning) is funny because Jesus warned us about Obama.

“Car-Jumper” is funny because it’s a new Channel 101 show co-created by Slacktory crush David Seger. (And for the opening kidnapping scene.)

“Gritty Justin Bieber Movie Trailer” is funny because of the soundtrack.

“You Suck at Photoshop: Skin Tone-Aware Selection” is funny for the word “under-whore”.

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