And Then There Were None cover with bikini model

  • Swimwear matched to book covers. The idea’s good enough, but the execution is impeccable. [MATCHBOOK]
  • “Will’s piece on Santorum goes viral. Mackenzie’s Macbook keeps doing that spinny wheel thing when she tries to open Outlook.” “Will’s contract is up for renewal. The girls’ menses attract lions to the office.” [@HBONewsroom on Twitter].
  • “A lot of you have been asking about my beauty routine well here it is when I wake up in the morning I bathe my face in milk and then bacon fat to keep it well hydrated haha and then before I go to bed I meditate at dusk by the light of the moon and then bathe my face in a solution of my own tears and ammonia that I have kept in this vintage crystal bottle I found on Etsy omg” — Things We Might Read on a Fashion Blog [This Recording]

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