Cookie Monster held hostage

Sesame Street made a Cookie Monster parody of “Call Me Maybe” called “Share It Maybe”. Is this awesome, Y/N?

Legitimate question. On the one hand, it’s Sesame Street. And Sesame Street is one of the Four Unassailables, along with the Muppets, Mr. Rogers, and Johnny Cash. There’s only one permitted criticism, and that’s about Elmo’s rise to power. You certainly don’t criticize Cookie Monster.

On the other hand… is this really Cookie Monster?

The chorus keeps an original line from the chorus: “This is crazy.” And every time Cookie sings it, it sounds fake. Grammatical. Cookie Monster can in fact be eloquent — look how he swindles Kermit out of a cookie. He uses idioms like “off chance” and “you know?” He tells Kermit “Arrivederci, frog,” which is both bilingual and metonymic. And then he delivers a Mark-Antony-esque speech about friendship and commitment. But nowhere in there does he combine a proximal demonstrative with a properly conjugated verb. “This is” is not a Cookie Monster phrase.

Is this false note coming through because he’s being forced to read someone else’s writing? Is this just a Bad Lip Reading? Or is this an imitator? Is this Cookie Monster actually Tyler Cassidy?

Possibly not. In verse two, Monster sings “[It] is taking toll on me house,” a particularly clever cookie pun, and one that sounds like legit Monster. Note also “Me spell it out black and white” in verse one, which evokes both black-and-whites and Oreos, as well as Sesame Street’s famed racial diversity. An efficient triple innuendo that would require the mind of a cookie lover and a Street native.

I think we are truly looking at the real Cookie Monster. So let’s watch him.

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