Bruce Dackler Twitter avatar

If you know what “Bruce Dackler” means, skip to paragraph 3.

Have you heard this name on Twitter? That’s because non-Republicans gleefully trolled an online petition signing yesterday. And a lot of the trolling spread through Twitter. The way the petition worked, anyone could sign and a printer would print out a one-page anti-Obamacare petition with their name on it, and a webcam showed the printer. So people submitted fake names like “Butty McButterbutt” in between the real names. And then the webcam, or the printer, broke at some point, and the last name before it broke was Bruce Dackler, and no one knows if he’s real, so a bunch of jokers were tweeting about the power of Bruce Dackler.

So someone started a Bruce Dackler Twitter account yesterday, and it’s definitely fake because the profile pic is of a dead guy named Bruce Fraser. But it’s very subtle, so plenty of people think it’s really Bruce Dackler, and that subtlety is why This Is Everything.

His bio:

Dad. Avid runner. Believe in taking responsibility for yourself, pull yourself by your bootstraps and make your own luck.

His location: America.

Three sample tweets and we’re out:

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