Civilization II screencap

Redditor Lycerius has been playing one game of Civilization II on and off for a decade (and despite the releases of Civs III-V). He’s moved it from computer to computer, played it from ancient history to the year 3991. Now his world is locked in a three-way standoff, with most terrain destroyed by global warming and nuclear war. He asks Reddit for advice in finally conquering the whole world.

Reddit is super into this. Not only did they vote this thread way the hell up, they’ve formed a 7,300-strong subreddit, /r/TheEternalWar, to discuss it — in the last 7 hours.

Will this turn into a movie like Rome Sweet Rome, even though it’s already a book and movie called 1984? Maybe it’s the uplifting triumph of a benevolent dictator who finally brings the post-apocalyptic world under his control? Big hit in North Korea among the three people who can afford tickets?

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