skeptical 3rd world kid

When Redditor manute3392 posted the image of a “Skeptical 3rd-world child”, user Scorp63 said, “Time for /r/AdviceAnimals to beat this dead into the ground for the next 12 hours, then complain about it being over used.” Yup!

Manute3392 says the photo is from another Redditor working for the Student Global Health Alliance. I say it’s a Coke bottle from the gods, which is probably a racist joke sorry.

The best Skeptical 3rd World Kid macros, each linked to the original Reddit submission:

Typo forgiven:

(We assumed it because a white girl is paying attention to him.)

Joke about my sex life.

  • Phil

    Girl is not white. Just because she is not black, doesn’t make her white.

    • dcb

      that is not the point, yes could be false assumption

  • missy

    ^Why is that relavant?

  • Hugh Laurie

    I’d say that we assumed he was a 3rd world kid because of the surroundings like the reed/bamboo wall, and the dirt floor strewn with straw.

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