Alex and two girls in A Clockwork Orange

Redditor JimmyCrackCrack has asked people to post experiences they’ve never had, and redditors who have done the deeds are reviewing the experiences for the uninitiated, complete with ratings of up to 5 stars. He gets things started by wondering what it would be like to have a threesome.

katrinatronica gives her threesome three stars:

It was me (female) and a bi-sexual male couple who’d invited me to join them. It was fucking great having two guys pleasing me, because I was never short of attention. Plus you can just stop making an effort for a while and the other two will fill in for you. It was novel. But the thing is I wouldn’t have slept with either guy if it hadn’t been for the threesome factor, so I wasn’t actually attracted to them, which is why it only gets a three. Plus I am medically unable to have anal sex so I could not have the desired double-penetration, which I am severely disappointed about.

assesundermonocles inquires about her inability to have anal sex and the two ladies get into a rather involved conversation about going down on men which is made all the more interesting when assesundermonocles reveals she is a lesbian.

SarcasticSquirrl wants to know what love is like, and WrittenRage gets right to this point:

It’s the greatest non sexual pleasure in life. It will destroy you.

n4lunaluz goes a little more in depth, giving it a full five out of five stars:

It is an evolving emotion. 5/5 if done correctly.

Starts off fast and intense, a shallow obsession that takes over your mind and you can’t stop smiling. You’re on a constant high that you wish would last forever but in reality really shouldn’t because you lose a piece of yourself when you’re that tunnel visioned.

Time passes and it sinks further into your bones, deep into your marrow. It’s not constant thoughts anymore; it becomes such a part of you that you don’t think about it anymore. (Like a tattoo, or so I’m told.)

TL;DR – N/A.

adelaide_mae inquires about having money:

I’ve never had money. I’ve been poor my whole life, living pay check to pay check. I can imagine that if I did ever have money that I would still be frugal with it, because I would be terrified that it would disappear. So I guess my thought is, has anyone ever come into a large amount of money suddenly?

1stand1st answers by sharing a story about losing his father:

I inherited about 300k from my father when he passed away 8 years ago, I was 21 at the time and just about to graduate college. The amount makes life very comfortable but it isn’t quit your job money (or not look for one in my case).

First of all I would rather have my dad back, I realized that no amount of money can make up for missed experiences with loved ones. I have always been very good with money so I basically invested most of it, I did buy a new car when I graduated though because I was driving a POS, I still drive that car today and have taken very good care of it. Coming into money is actually a decent amount of work, you have to learn a lot about investing or find a good financial planner. It is difficult to watch a suddenly large stock portfolio fluctuate thousands of dollars in a day. During the last few years of the turbulent market I have lost or made $15,000 in a single day at times.

You also become a bank for other people to go to, I have had countless people borrow money from me and even entered into small business ventures only to lose my entire investment, there is a strong learning curve. I only invested amounts I could afford to lose but 10% of 300k is stupidly large to many people.

I am still very careful with money and I am still scared that what I have could suddenly disappear. However, I rarely have to worry about having money for day to day life, I only check my accounts once every week or two. The security is nice but like I said it comes with a different set of problems. In the end, you also realize how much things like happiness, love and experiences really matter. I give this 3 stars, it might be better if I had won the lotto or something similar though.

SquizzBett has never lost someone close:

I’ve never had a close relative/friend of mine die at an age that I can actually comprehend it. I feel that I have one coming, and it scares me shitless. What’s it like?

ichbinpwnzilla‘s reply is poignant and heartbreaking:

Imagine all those wonderful things people say about falling in love, realizing the magic of life and feeling better than you even thought was possible. A love so great that it makes you happy just reminiscing about it.

Now imagine the opposite.

Finally, katrinatronica asks what it’s like to be in a rock band, and Thimee gives us all a look into what it’s really like:

You have this cheap plastic guitar with coloured buttons, you have to mash them at the same time you see them on the screen. Miss too many, and the audience will boo you off the stage. Oh and also the drums.

It’s great fun for a while but then the novelty wears off and you’ll find yourself back on reddit…

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